Now what?

spicy tuna rolls

I’ve finally started a blog, but now what? Until now, my thought bubble had been filled with a plethora of stories, ideas and situations I needed to write about and share. “You’re funny”, friends told tell me. “Start a blog”, others would say. My head swelled with confidence. Yes, I shall start a blog!

This morning, brimming with determination and holding a full cup of coffee in my hand, I approached my computer with anticipation. I sat down with my back perfectly straight, hair in a pony tail, glasses perched steadily on the bridge of my nose and fingers resting on the keyboard. I’m ready!

What the hell?! My thought bubble completely burst into a puff of smoke. Absolute vacuum in my head. Sitting next to me was my dog, Frederick P. McGillicutty. I looked at him as if he somehow reached inside my cranium and ripped out my brain. What just happened? This can’t be, I said to myself.

I was slightly annoyed and frustrated because I had spent the last week harassing friends for blog name suggestions – mine had to be perfect. When that didn’t pan out, I proceeded to waste copious amounts of time googling tips and examples on ways to create a catchy, funny, applicable and memorable name – 5 words, or less. Really?

I could do this – it’s not difficult. The afternoon had arrived and I was still staring at my computer screen. It was time for lunch. After consuming 10 spicy tuna rolls, an idea popped into my thought bubble. Why not write about not being able to write? That was it!  And here it is – my first post. I’m going to bed.

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