Elegant Way to Chill Wine or Champagne


A beautiful way to chill wine/champagne.  Perfect for dinner or holiday parties. Use different decorations for your occasion. For example, I used Fall leaves for my Thanksgiving mold. Valentine’s Day? Hearts/red beads. Halloween? Add ghosts/pumpkins/skeletons. Christmas? ornaments/gold string beads. You get the picture. Also, seasonal foliage adds nature’s beauty. Be creative and have fun!

Items you will need:

  • 5 qt. ice cream bucket
  • 2 liter plastic bottle (cut away top 1/3)
  • weights to keep plastic bottle steady (rocks)
  • decorations of your choice.


 First step:

  • place plastic bottle with weights in middle of ice cream bucket
  • fill bucket (not plastic bottle) with water
  • insert decorations/foliage/berries in water – this may take some work as branches are not always cooperative. be patient.


Second step:

  • place finished mold in freezer.  let freeze 24 hours
  • remove from freezer. wiggle and remove the 2 liter plastic bottle. pour warm water outside the ice cream bucket to help loosen the mold.
  • insert bottle and chill away!


Third step:

Place in shallow bowl to capture water as it will melt eventually. CHEERS!

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