il Tiramisu alla Cindy

Drum roll please (and a sprinkle of drama). Back by popular demand, my famous Tiramisu!

You will think you have died and gone to heaven once your mouth envelopes its first forkful and your taste buds swim in the soft textures. After careful consideration, I have decided to share my Tiramisu with the world. Why deprive people of this delectable dessert?

Ten years ago, mia suocera gave me a recipe for tiramisu. I knew she was testing me. “Let’s see how well she handles herself in the kitchen”, she said to herself. After all, her son’s meals and well-being are now my responsibilities. One afternoon, she suggested we try the recipe. I was doomed! How can I possibly make an acceptable Italian dessert? She’s from Italy, for crying out loud. But I accepted her challenge. Studying the recipe and carefully placing the utensils within reach for quick access, I was ready. She stood by me the entire time…watching. Sweat beads forming around my hairline.

I did it! Didn’t look half bad either. We tasted the finished product, it was good, but dull.  I told her I will try again because I can improve upon some ingredients. A few weeks later, I gave it another go and the result was absolutely delicious! Today, la suocera calls me for the Tiramisu recipe (and others).

This dish has been my contribution for many events; dinner parties, socials, fundraisers and school functions.

Give it a try, compliments are sure to follow!



serves 8-10


  • 4 large egg yolks
  • 1/4 c. sugar
  • 8 oz. mascarpone
  • 1 c. heavy whipping cream (whipped until stiff)
  • 2-3 paks lady fingers (good quality, soft, but firm)
  • 4 shot glasses of Tuaca Italian Liqueur
  • 1/2 c. espresso coffee (cooled)*
  • ground cocoa powder

*mix cooled coffee w/liqueur

  1. whip heavy cream, set aside
  2. beat egg yolks w/sugar, fold in mascarpone
  3. fold in whipped cream to egg-sugar mixture, beat again until stiff
  4. layer lady fingers on serving dish
  5. pour WITH TABLESPOON coffee mixture over lady finger layer
  6. spread cream mixture over lady fingers
  7. repeat steps 4-6, up to 3 layers total.
  8. sprinkle cocoa powder over top layer

Chill overnight.


Stunning Winter Containers


A beautiful way to greet family, friends and guests to your home. The vibrant red in these lovely Winter containers will warm any landscape, porch or window during the cold Winter months. I noticed these arrangements in a newsletter I received last month and was instantly drawn to its elegance. I imagine myself sitting outside with my cup of hot chocolate, staring and soaking in the beauty. Of course, after some time, I would need to go back inside to thaw out my old bones. But it would be worth it!

Image (1)

Cookies in a Henhouse


I lost count but this may have been the 13th annual cookie exchange. Catching up with long time friends, sipping coffee and noshing on these sinful treats. What’s not to like?

I look forward to these annual festive get-togethers because it signals the beginning of the holiday season (Black Friday? child’s play compared to this coffee klatch).  Most of us moms met approximately 15 years ago through the elementary schools our kids attended. We have gone through many things together; mostly good, but some bad. We have watched our kids grow up and go off to college.

Listening to all the updates this morning, I realized the conversations have changed through the years.  More so this time as many of us are empty nesters. Back when the kids were in elementary school, the conversations centered on which teacher was the devil incarnate, or how busy we were schlepping the runny-nose ankle-biters to their doctor appointments, soccer games and play dates.  When middle-school rolled around, the hot topic had to do with school dances, clothes (or, lack thereof) and boys/girls. The high school years were a different ball of wax. We soon realized our kids were not angels, after all. The conversations were still about boys/girls, but sex and drugs were an unwanted addition. Solid reasons to meet weekly for happy hour were plentiful.

Today, we talked about college updates. We were excited! News was good – kids are doing well, very stressed, but generally, doing well. Moms chatted about their new jobs, hobbies and travels. The room was electric and loud, everyone talking at once, drinking coffee and eating. The voices getting louder and louder because our hearing is not as keen as it once was. The energy from all the cackling in the room is probably similar to that of a large henhouse right before each hen drops an egg.

This morning, the last sentence uttered at the end of each conversation was, “it will all work out and everyone finds their way”. Now that I am home, I will ponder that thought as I devour each one of these sinful treats.

The Toilet Paper Roll Phenomenon


This perplexes me. Is it because you feel sorry for that last sheet clinging onto the old roll and you are hoping beyond hope that it will remain there, unused, forever? Perhaps it is an underlying fear of the “what if’s?”  What if the spring in the spindle malfunctions which forces the spindle to pop off, ricochet off the mirror and somehow make a beeline for your forehead? Maybe the pressure of the “under vs. over” is too great. Lots of sleepless nights have been suffered because of this baffling situation.