Two months after creating this blog, named SheLaughs, my family experienced an unexpected death. I have not posted recently because how in the world could I write something that is humorous while feeling sad. But it occurred to me as I was drinking my morning coffee, the memories that continue to play in my mind are those of a very funny man and the hilarious times we had.

Jack was a family man in every sense, married to my sister, father to four adults, grandfather to seven, and great-grandfather to one.  He was your typical working stiff – committed to fulfilling the duties and responsibilities at work. Just as important to him were his responsibilities at home. I don’t think there was anything Jack enjoyed more than spending time with his growing family. For his alone time, he relished going to the local Circle K for his cup of coffee and reading his newspaper at the kitchen table – the simple pleasures. Jack may not have had the luxuries some are lucky enough to enjoy, but he was rich in character.

At his celebration memorial, friends and family came to offer their condolences and share their stories. Witnessing his kids join together to create a beautiful memorial made my heart swell. My niece said to me, “we want to do this so my mom does not have to worry”. However, the most memorable moment was when my nephew delivered his speech. The speech was eloquent, heartfelt and my nephew was poised the entire time.  Jack would have been proud.

Grieving ebbs and flows and everyone experiences it differently. In time, the sadness will be replaced with laughter because Jack blessed us with funny memories we will recall, reminisce and re-tell.

2 thoughts on “Jack.

  1. Tala says:

    Well said! My grandmother, who we lost almost 19 years ago, visits my memories almost every day and makes me laugh and feel good inside. My sympathies to you and your family and I wish you all many enjoyable memories ahead.

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