Dear Eddie,

We placed flowers on your gravesite yesterday. Cleared the grass and weeds from around the edges. First it was sad and we cried, then we started talking about the old days…you know, the “remember when’s” and the tears turned to laughter. Every one of us had a memory to share.

You will always be my strong; yet pensive big brother. I can still hear your hearty laugh – deep as a well. I know you loved me because you were nice to me and protected me in your not-so-obvious way.

I see you sitting in front of our stereo wearing those old clunky headphones (kids nowadays don’t know how good they have it), listening to Tower of Power, or was it Earth, Wind & Fire. Remember that?

Maybe some day I will understand your pain and know why things turned out the way they did. The scenes of the past play time and time again in my mind, yet no clear answer. But does it really matter? Only you know the real reason. To me, it doesn’t matter because I love you and I know you tried your best with what you had.

Friday was a blessed day. Erika’s wedding. Both your girls were poised and beautiful. The groom? You’d approve. He is solid, caring, steady and he loves her.


Rest in peace, brother – your daughters are educated, good people, choosing careers helping others. You did good.

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