Inappropriate, but hilarious!

It was that time of the month. No, not that time of the month, silly…that time when the Five Sassy Mamas get together to catch up on the latest news. The Five Sassy Mamas are a funny and wise bunch, each a smidgen over 50 years old.

Last night, we met for drinks and appetizers. We greeted each other with niceties and the obligatory hug. As soon as we sat down, we got down to business – the ordering of drinks and taking turns bringing everyone up to speed on our lives.

The conversation was entertaining and one discussion led to another. Then it happened. One of the Sassy Mamas brought up her upcoming medical “procedure”. Let’s just say, the procedure is unpleasant and is recommended once a person reaches 50. Knowing the others had gone through it before, One knew she would receive sound advice for that dreadful day.

At first it was quiet, then suddenly the table erupted with laughter. The knee-slapping jokes and one-liners were told at amazing speed. There was no stopping us. The chuckles were contagious.

The discussion started something like this, “I don’t know what to expect, how do I prepare for this thing?” and “should I bedazzle the area?” “would it be too much if I strategically placed a friendly post it with HEY THERE written on it?”.

Mama P chimes in and suggests drawing an arrow directing the doctor to the proper place, just in case. Mama L adds her war stories, “Prepare yourself for all the farting you will hear from the other patients around you. It will be everywhere.” What the…?! One is definitely not ready for that!

Mamas J & K, not wanting to be left out, explain the procedure is not the problem, it is the prepping at home that will be the nightmare. The thing One recalls from their comments is, “there will be major cramping and make sure you are within inches of the commode”. Really?! Good grief.

We could have closed the place down, but it was almost 9:00 pm and for One, that is bedtime. It could be said, One feels better about what is coming her way because if these Sassy Mamas can endure such discomfort, so can she.

Laughter is the best medicine!